Counselling & Psychotherapy Training Prospectus (Including Diploma)

This Prospectus outlines the Training courses offered by Terrigal Gestalt Institute (TGI) that constitute our comprehensive counselling and psychotherapy training. Our Training programs have been created to provide students with optimum support throughout their learning process, both theoretically and experientially, in preparation for becoming competent and effective counsellors and psychotherapists.

TGI programs are designed to prepare students, through the integration of personal and group process, theoretical understanding and professional development, to competently facilitate and support others within a therapeutic framework.

Prospectus - Counselling and Psychotherapy Training Course

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Certificate of Gestalt Therapy Professional Development Course Prospectus

This Prospectus outlines the 6 weekend Professional Development Certificate of Gestalt Therapy offered by Terrigal Gestalt Institute on the Central Coast. This Professional Development course has been developed to introduce practising clinicians to an overview of the Gestalt modality so that it can be integrated into existing practice.

This course is unaccredited and has no academic component. It is highly experiential and is taught in a small group setting with an integration of theory, practice and experiential work. Participants should note that they are expected to use their own personal material for the experiential component. Group size is 6 minimum and 12 maximum participants. Each weekend has a Gestalt theme with an experiential and practice component. Unit guides and readings are available for participants.

TGI currently offers Counselling and Psychotherapy training as well as professional development and personal development groups. Gestalt Professional Development Training ProspectusPlease select the image or click HERE to download a printable PDF of the prospectus.

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