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Clinical Supervision

How it works

Clinical Supervision is offered through a Gestalt framework and is open to counsellors, psychotherapists, spiritual directors, energy workers, health workers, chaplains and pastoral care workers. The emphasis is on how you are responding to your clients and how you can enrich and deepen your professional relationship with them.

VENUES:  Springfield, Central Coast  /  Balgowlah Heights, Sydney.

COST: $130 per hour

SUPERVISOR: Dinah Buchanan

Some of the aspects that Dinah’s Clinical Supervision sessions cover include:

  • Identifying strengths and enhancing professional skills
  • Improving confidence and competence
  • Support with ethical dilemmas
  • Support for challenging client work
  • Personal development through a professional lens
  • Professional development
  • Ethical and safe delivery of service
  • Self regulation, standards identification, and compliance
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Get in Touch

Dinah Buchanan
Dinah BuchananTGI Director
Dinah is the Director of Terrigal Gestalt Institute. She is an experienced Counsellor, gestalt Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor and Educator with many years experience in Counselling, Child & Family Health, Gestalt Therapy, and Group Training.

To organise a session please call Dinah directly on:

Contact: 0439 752 710

Or, if it’s after hours, please use this contact form and Dinah will contact you usually the next working day.