Applications for the Certificate Course must be submitted together with the name of two referrees – one personal referree and one professional referree.  Your application will then be processed and a place in the Certificate Course reserved. All applicants will be contacted and an entry interview arranged.  On successful signing of the Study Contract a deposit of $500 is to be paid and an individual payment plan selected.

The Certificate Course is by nature an intense self development experience. In light of this our participants are required to demonstrate a level of resilience and self support. During the entry interview applicants are required to demonstrate the willingness to develop some fundamental capacities, as a pre-requisite for commencing the course.

Some of those qualities being:

  • a capacity for developing self-awareness and self-reflection
  • a capacity to relate to others in a facilitative way from a stance of respect and mutual interest
  • a capacity to reflect on and examine the impact of their actions on others
  • a capacity to be aware and report the impact of others on them
  • a capacity for curiosity and inquiry
  • a capacity to take responsibility for physical and emotional well-being
  • a capacity to cope with the various demands of the course including the fulfillment of financial obligations, the timely completion of learning tasks and active participation in the course
  • a capacity to understand and practice ethical behaviour as outlined in the code of ethics
  • a capacity to learn from life experiences
  • a capacity to receive feedback on strengths and constraints by peers and trainers

Who May Apply

* Applications for the Certificate Course are invited by those from all walks of life who want to become Counsellors and Psychotherapists. This course is the foundation course for the                     Diploma of Counselling CHC51712 and the Advanced Certificate courses. Applications are also taken from those who want further personal development through a Gestalt model.

* Applications for the Professional Development Certificate course are invited by experienced Counsellors and Psychotherapists with a current client load, and an interest in continuing  professional development and exploring the Gestalt modality as a therapeutic approach.

TGI practices a non-discriminatory selection of participants on the grounds of race, gender, class, sexual preferences, religion, or any disability or belief that does not directly interfere with the competent fulfillment of training and practice.

Participants Who Live Away

At TGI we have developed our programs so that participants who do not live locally can access our training.  Most of the program activities are structured over weekends and Library resources are available by post, upon request. Primary Trainers also retain regular e-mail and phone contact with participants who live away, to meet their training needs.