Transformational Gestalt

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Heart Tree 1The Transformational Gestalt approach is essentially a synthesis of Gestalt Therapy and contemporary Christian spirituality – Gestalt through a Christian lens. The work is based on the premise that God is present and available for healing and wholeness. Acknowledging this allows us to enter a sacred healing space that is profound and inspirational. If we can ‘step aside’ metaphorically and attend to the emerging process, then healing and change will occur naturally, as God is revealed personally through embodied experience.  Participants of the work have experienced profound physical and emotional healing and growth when God is consciously invited into the process, and the framework of Gestalt offers a vital and enriching backdrop to this growth work.

Connection and community are prominent aspects of the work and exploration centres around our blocks to connection both personally and relationally. With an underpinning of compassion and focused care, each participant is encouraged to centralise and deepen their spiritual connection, in turn deepening connection to self and to each other, ultimately strengthening a sense of community. In this sense the work is about ‘fellow travelling’ and tapping into how God is already working in us and through us.

In our ‘Opening to Grace’ Healing Retreats we use the Transformational Gestalt approach as a foundation for sharing and participating in healing work. The Retreats are essentially experiential and experimental, where participants are invited to explore personal concerns and ways of being within a supportive space. The work is awareness focused in the ‘here and now’, with an emphasis on the relational aspect of how we express ourselves in the world. Spontaneous ‘experiments’ are an integral part of the process, facilitating awareness and insight, and bringing an element of creativity and spontaneity to the work. The Retreat comes alive with a sense of seeking more of God personally and collectively, and building strong, compassionate community.

The Retreats provide the time and space to focus on ’emerging process’ and what God is already doing in each person and in the group as a collective. There is time and space to focus on your own faith journey through Contemplative practice, group exercises and personal process work. The Retreat is a profound way to deepen your faith walk and connection to God, and strengthen spiritual bonds with others. All faith walks are welcomed, honoured and shared.

Terrigal Gestalt Institute is an affiliate of Gestalt Pastoral Care in New York, which has greatly influenced Barry and Dinah in their development of the Transformational Gestalt approach. Tilda Norberg is the founder of GPC and has outlined her work in her book Consenting to Grace.


Who will benefit from Transformational Gestalt Retreats?

The Transformational Gestalt approach is both a way to deepen personal faith and spiritual connection, and a way to help others deepen and strengthen their own faith. In turn, connection to self and other is also strengthened. Within the TG framework we are all regarded as ‘fellow travellers’ and support each other on our individual and collective spiritual journeys. Contemplative practice forms the foundation of the work as a way to acknowledge and invite God’s presence and healing.

Transformational Gestalt ‘Opening to Grace’ Healing Retreats provide time away from daily life to enter into a sacred space and focus on your own personal / spiritual work. Your faith will be deepened, and your faith walk become clearer and more profound. You will be able to focus on your own personal work and support other group members as they attend to their own work. We have times also for discussion and reflection and meditation / contemplation  in various forms. All faith walks are welcomed, honoured and shared in a spirit of deep community.

Next Retreat:  October 13th-15th  2017    click here for details

Further Retreats:   May / October  2018

VENUE:  St Josephs Spirituality Centre, Kincumber, Central Coast, NSW

Facilitators:  Dinah & Barry Buchanan

CONTACT:  Dinah Buchanan on 0439 752 710 or e-mail 


Transformational Gestalt for Clinicians 

For professionals and helpers who want to work more creatively, spontaneously and more effectively with others, there is no better way than to experience Transformational Gestalt work personally. The Transformational Gestalt ‘Opening to Grace’ Healing Retreats are open to all, and professionally you will learn through participation in the Retreat. Professional participants report that their work with clients and others deepens and becomes ‘easier’, in the sense that they are able to attend to where God is already working in each person, and more easily facilitate awareness and insight into this process for their clients.


You are welcome!